Ignition Repair and Replace Service

Ignition switch problems occur more often than you think. From accidentally breaking your car key inside the ignition to getting it stuck, there are several reasons why your vehicle ignition won’t turn.

Truth is, nothing feels worse than being out for work or shopping only to get back and realize the ignition switch is faulty. That is why our trained and experienced technicians come straight to your location within minutes of receiving your call. Our professional locksmiths will run checks on your ignition and determine whether a replacement or repair is needed.

If a repair is required, our technicians will identify what needs to be done before the repair process begins. If, on the other hand, a repair is no longer an issue and a replacement service is required, you can rest assured our professionals will provide prompt and premium support.

If you are experiencing a hard time turning the ignition lock, or you have to jiggle your car key just to turn the ignition lock on, please call us. Do not wait for the car to stop you in the middle of nowhere. We are only a phone call away and would send our skilled technicians to get your car back on the road as soon as possible.

Car Ignition Replacement