Broken Car Key Extraction

Is your car key broken and stuck in the lock? It happens to all of us. You insert your key, turn it to unlock the door, and it snaps off without any warning. When a car key breaks in the lock, it not only ruins your day but can expose you to huge security risk as this can mean anyone can gain access into your car without your permission.

That is why we are here to help. At Car Key Replacement WA, our skilled locksmiths are equipped with the best equipment to provide car owners in Seattle WA with the premium broken car key extraction services. Good news is, we always do everything possible to extract the key without damaging your vehicle. More so, once we’re done with the job, we can create a new key for you on the spot if you do not have a spare.

Staff at Car Key Replacement WA is local. We are committed to providing prompt broken car key extraction services at affordable prices, anywhere you may be, and at any time. We strongly advise against trying to do it yourself so you do not end up damaging the lock. As this is our specialty, you can rely on us to come to your aid and provide you with the assistance that you need.

Call us for:
Broken key removal from the ignition or door locks with special tools
Removal of the broken key by taking apart of the ignition or the cylinders
Removal of stuck key